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I can quickly change creations on my land with a few clicks.

Deploy any creation on your land

Quickly deploy a custom creation to your land and make passive income

Decentraland is a large world filled with creations from artists, programmers, and designers. Sometimes, finding the perfect creation can be difficult on your own. That’s why we’ve created an easy way to find creations and deploy them directly on your land.

Deploy creations that make you passive income, like the first ultra competitive The Block Runner game, where you earn as players compete to win crypto!

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I can quickly change creations on my land with a few clicks.
I can quickly change creations on my land with a few clicks.

Showcase your creation

Spending all those hours crafting your most intricate piece of digital creation can be shared in the open world of Decentraland with a click.

Your creation can be displayed by anyone with a few clicks. Quickly upload your design, games, or any custom creation you can come up with so that others can showcase your work. Earn passive income on creations that you can sell to others, or allow landowners to showcase your work freely.

We give you the freedom to do what you want, how you want.

Let land owners deploy your creations that earn you, the land owner and players income - all from your creations.

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Earn Crypto In Game

Quickly find all the locations that can earn you crypto, keep track of competitive high scores, and become a legend in a vast virtual open world

In this quickly growing open world, opportunities to earn crypto by playing is the new phenomenon. We want to help ultra competitive players stay ahead of the crowd.

Find the fastest growing opportunities, whether its a competitive game that will put you on the global leader board, or an experience you can’t miss.

Experience the world of Decentraland the way you want. Find the spots that are popular, or find the spots that can earn you crypto!

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Deploy and earn

Our services

Deploy and play creations built by developers across the globe. Earn cryptocurrency and reap the rewards from your land in Decentraland

Land Owner

Earn cryptocurrency by deploying games or other creations by other developers to take advantage of your position within Decentraland!


Land owners can deploy your creations with a few clicks so that your apps can get the recognition they deserve. Earn crypto by creating a game or a service within the game.


Find the places that are the most popular to visit. Quickly share what you find and most importantly, keep track of your crypto earnings.

Seamless Access

Whether you’re a developer, land owner, or player, see the stats that matter to you the most. Keep track at how much you’ve earned, deploy something new, or collaborate with others.

Earn Crypto

A way to make a return on your investment will be the cornerstone of this virtual world. No matter who you are, you can earn crypto in Decentraland.

Test and Retest

Deploy something new in a few clicks, test the traction, encourage others to visit your land, and quickly test new creations to see what sticks the most.

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Being able to earn cryptocurrency in Decentraland is just the first step in a blockchain virtual world
- Cryptocurrency Enthusiast
I'm glad I'm able to display my creations and sell them to other land owners with ease.
- Virtual Artist

Calling all Land Owners, Developers, & Players

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What is a Meta?

A Meta is any creation that is custom built and submitted by Creators that is deployable to Owner's lands and that Players can interact with.

What is a Zone?

A Zone is a piece of land owned by someone in Decentraland. Owners can host many Metas in their Zones and Players can visit them in Decentraland.

How exactly is the revenue split?

Revenue is split according to the game or creation you plan on deploying. Please check the app for exact split.

Does the split only occur based on players who play on my land only?

Yes, you want to encourage players to play the games on your land in order for you to receive a split.

Why is there a Cost to Host?

The Cost to Host is a one time fee and exists to minimize the deployment of the creations on every plot, diluting the experience for players. It also helps support additional features.

Are additional features free?

Yes. You don't have to pay for development costs such as new features, maintenance, and bug fixes.

How do I deploy a Meta on my Land?

Step 1: Add your public ETH address by going to your "Account".
Step 2: See your list of plots and select the land you want to deploy on.
Step 3: Click "+Buy Meta" button.
Step 4: Find the Meta you would like then click Buy Now button for it.
Step 5: Pay for the transaction with your MetaMask wallet.
Step 6: Give MetaZone publishing rights to that land.

How do I give publishing rights to MetaZone to deploy on my Land?