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Bitcoin and Gold React to USA vs Iran Conflict



Published on
January 8, 2020
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Show Notes:

  1. First up, Bitcoin & Gold go up due to US & Iran Conflict
  2. Next, has the HEX exit scam commenced?
  3. John McAfee Backs out of his bet on Bitcoin
  4. The Andrew Yang Media blackout Continues
  5. And Finally, we show off the Decentraland Game Jam Winners

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Music by OfDream - Thelema

We return with the first recording in 2020 and we discuss why Bitcoin might be pumping and speculate whether the conflict between the US and Iran has anything to do with it. We discovered that the origin address for the HEX project has exfiltrated almost all the ETH in several transactions at 1,337 ETH per transaction. 1,337 is LEET speak and a calling sign for trolling. We speculate that the exit scam has already begun. We follow up with John McAfee's bet on Bitcoin and how he decided to back out of the bet. Andrew Yang is the only candidate that is aware and has a policy on cryptocurrencies. He is undergoing an attack by mainstream media and omitting him from all mentions. Finally, we go over the winners of the latest Decentraland Game Jam competition.