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Bitcoin Rally, Open World Gaming, & Enjin



Published on
July 31, 2020
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Show Notes:


  1. First up, we go over the state of the world and the Bitcoin Rally
  2. Next, What is the Optimal Open World Gaming Mechanic?
  3. Then, Can we make an ERC1155 Token as a Gaming mechanic in @Decentraland
  4. Finally, we rant about conspiracy theories and the Scientific Method.

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Music by OfDream - Thelema

We debrief from last week's discussion on how the stock market is in a huge bubble. Except the next day after recording our previous podcast, Bitcoin takes off and reaches the 2020 all time high. So this week we discuss if the possibility of Bitcoin becoming a true store of value during these uncertain times becomes a reality. Open world gaming always have a common thread in the grind mechanism. We discuss how and why this mechanism is needed in Decentraland and ways it could occur. One of the many ways is implementing consumables through ERC1155 NFTs. These tokens can serve to kickstart an economy within a game world and necessary to improve the daily active users. Finally, conspiracy theories are mostly a commentary on how fragile the human mind can be.