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Bittensor Interview Recap | Sam Altman vs SBF | Metaverse Catalyst Moment



Published on
June 9, 2023
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Show Notes:


  1. First up, Iman and I recap our last podcast interviewing Jake Steeves, the co-founder of Bittensor
  2. Next, Should we trust Sam Altman as he testifies in Congress?
  3. Then, we speculate on how society can control a world that runs on AI
  4. and Finally, we explain why the Metaverse in the next important frontier.

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Music by OfDream - Thelema

We recap the interview we recently had with the co-founder of Bitensor, Jacob Steeves. The main profound statements from the interview include alignment theory between AI and humans through the use of cryptocurrencies. Also, the realization that a decentralized AI system will at one point scale to a massive network that corporate AI will have to participate. Also, we talk about how Sam Altman’s new initiatives with Helios and Worldcoin. Can providing humanity with a universal UBI of a crypto token be what is needed to align all people on earth toward a common goal of economic stability in the wake of human displacement as a result of AI. Are Sam Altman and Sam Bankman Freid alot alike in there views and does that impact the amount of trust society should have in Sam Altman after what happened to SBF? Also, what will it take to catalyze the metaverse in the same way ChatGPT has catalyzed the AI market to emerge, or how netscape onboarded millions of users to the internet? We try to identify what those events will look like for the metaverse.