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Earn Crypto in Decentraland & What the Hex!?



Published on
December 3, 2019
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Show Notes:


  1. Decentraland will get big because you can make crypto from it - if they do it right.
  2. We discuss Comments on Bitcoin from 2009!
  3. We try to figure out What’s up with the $Hex coin?
  4. We take a look at the Stock to Flow chart against $Bitcoin’s price.

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Music by OfDream - Thelema

When we first heard of Decentraland, we were automatically hooked. We saw the ingredients of something that could really harness the value of blockchain technology in the form that most new technologies are introduced to the masses; gaming. Participating in the community in various ways, we’re seeing a pattern in the development community that wont lead to a thriving metaverse. We need the leading team in Decentraland to provide and encourage the development community to build recurring experience where a ROI is the centerpiece of the experience. The holiday season is a good time to look back at progress and we discovered some early comments on Bitcoin from people reading Satoshi’s white paper in 2009. With the launch of the controversial Hex coin from Richard Hart, we briefly discuss the proposition it provides and we make a first pass on whether or not its worth your attention. Finally we look at the stock to flow chart compared to Bitcoin’s price and we discuss what might come next for Bitcoin.