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Ethermon in Decentraland is the Start of Longterm Gameplay



Published on
June 30, 2020
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Show Notes:


  1. First up, What are the longterm implications of NFT game assets?
  2. Next, We break down the Ethereum Gas fee and why its high right now
  3. Then, What activity could bring a thousand daily active users.
  4. And Finally, The Ethermon garden meta is only the beginning.

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Music by OfDream - Thelema

In Texas we're experiencing another wave of Corona Virus illnesses and many cities are recommending people to stay at home as often as possible. In today's podcast we heed their advice as we host another discussion from a long distance. We start the conversation with the implications of NFT game assets. Do they need to be supported long term? Is it reasonable to expect developers to support their NFT assets in all future games? With the popular use of the Ethereum network, gas fees have been at levels detrimental to the end user. Its beginning to interfere with business operating on the network, and the source seems to be from Tether. We also begin tossing around the idea of a MetaZone token. What is the use of such token and we begin to formulate the early design of tokenomics. As we continue to contribute to the construction to Decentraland, we postulate on what sorts of activities are needed to bring a thousand daily active users? Finally, could Ethermon gameplay be the start of longterm gameplay in Decentraland? Will this contribute to bringing in thousands of active users?