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How much UBI is too much UBI, AI, China accumulates Gold for their own Crypto



Published on
November 7, 2019
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Show Notes:


  1. We Recap our podcast and we self evalutate the progress.
  2. We prepare for an interview with John McAfee next week.
  3. How much UBI is too much UBI?
  4. We invite an AI engineer to join the podcast, if you want to join hit us up on twitter/email/discord.
  5. and finally, China accumulates gold & prepares their own cryptocurrency.

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Music by OfDream - Thelema

William and Iman recap the progress of our podcast and we evaluate our enthusiasm for the show. We summarize our thoughts on this journey and we discuss our previous podcasts and interviews we had. We’re working on scheduling an interview with John McAfee to get a run down on his thoughts on a wide range of topics. A question I don’t see come up at all is how much Universal Basic Income is too much UBI? We also have many questions surrounding artificial intelligence and we want to encourage anyone in the field to come talk with us and explain how it works. In a video with Max Keiser, he discusses how China has been accumulating good in preparation for a gold backed cryptocurrency that could bypass any dependency on the current world reserve currency.