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How to Create the CryptoPunk of Ordinals | Interview w/ Ev Founder of NatCats



Published on
April 20, 2024
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Show Notes:


  1. First up, who is Ev and how did they get into the web3 space
  2. Next, WhAT are NatCats and what makes them different?
  3. and Finally, break down with Ev his experience since launch and his motivations behind the creation itself, as well as future plans

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Since the release of the UNAT addition to the DMT framework about 6 weeks ago, Natcats have taken the NFT space by storm by introducing for the first time a truly unique value proposition to the digital asset space. Ev, founder of Natcats was the first to deploy an art collection that fully utilized the Unique Non-arbitrary Token framework. This enables the digital asset supply existence and the artistic characteristics of the art itself to be solely determined by block data.

Up until now all NFT art collections have had arbitrary supplies, largely in the realm of a 10k supply which was a market narrative set forth by Cryptopunks in the early days of NFTs. Now, due to the introduction of DMT, non-arbitrary digital asset genesis can be produced by the Bitcoin blockchain itself by leveraging existing NAT frameworks and clever utilization of inscription native technologies such as recursion. Since the deployment Natcats has generated more than 500BTC in secondary market volume and is quickly gaining awareness among some of the biggest NFT players who are desperately seeking new innovations in the digital asset space. We break down with Ev his experience since launch and his motivations behind the creation itself, as well as future plans.