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Interview Ben Kelly (Elon Stark) - Blockchain Gaming Will Take Over the World



Published on
January 21, 2020
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Show Notes:

  1. First up, how he started his competitive career with Magic The Gathering cards.
  2. Next, we learn when he first heard about Bitcoin.
  3. Then, we find out what makes an Axie NFT valuable and his breeding engine.
  4. And finally, we bounce off our own NFT idea.

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Music by OfDream - Thelema

William and Iman interview the man they call Elon Stark because of his talented skills for developing automation techniques to solve problems in the gaming industry. Ben Kelly started his career collecting and competing in the world of Magic the Gathering to going from a few hundred Axie Infinity NFT's to nearly 10,000 using his team's proprietary breeding engine. Ben describes how he first heard of Bitcoin and how he got involved in crypto. He also explains what makes an Axie Infinity NFT so valuable and how he optimized Axie Infinity genetic identity to breed more powerful and more rare Axies. Finally, we explain our own NFT idea to Ben so he can give us his thoughts on how viable it could be.