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The Fragile State of Humanity, WW3 Hedging, Why NFTs are down 99%



Published on
October 15, 2022
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Show Notes:


  1. First up, Iman and I discuss the possible talks of war and how this impacts the economy
  2. Next, NASA’s accomplishment of crashing into an asteroid
  3. Then, pinpoint the different types of cycles in the economy that affects crypto
  4. Finally, will A.I. advise us on our finances in the Metaverse

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Music by OfDream - Thelema

We discuss the increased tension in the macro economic situation and how this will all impact the web3 market. More economic indicators for a full blown recession and possibly a depression are coming into the picture. Also, talks of nuclear war from Russia are causing wide spread panic. How are we to react to these existential threats to secure the future and hedge against these worst case scenarios. Also, looking at the NFT market shows a massive decline in NFT trading volume in comparison to 8 months ago. What caused this drop off and what will reinvigorate the market to bring it back.