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Why Vitalik Buterin is Wrong About Stock To Flow & Implications of a Financial System Collapse



Published on
August 28, 2022
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Show Notes:

1. First up, Vitalik tweets his position on stock to flow ratio on Bitcoin.
2. Next, Iman and I go through the merits of stock to flow and why it can still model Bitcoin.
3. Then, the current crypto prices are being affected by the macro economy
4. Finally, where does humanity stand on the next financial system?

Vitalik Buterin sparks our debate on the merits of stock to flow and how it applies to Bitcoin. Is Vitalik right that stock to flow is a model that doesn’t apply to Bitcoin anymore or at all? The macro economics situation is another factor that is contributing to the value depression of Bitcoin in the last few weeks. The federal reserve has run out of options to get us out of the highest inflation since the 1980s. We discuss the ramifications of our current fiat monetary system.