February 29, 2020

Update on How We Made 150,000+ Mana in 7 Days

Update on How We Made 150,000+ Mana in 7 Days

This is just the Beginning!

Thank you MetaZone community

First of all, putting into words how grateful we are to everyone receiving this message will be tough, but we'll try nonetheless. Over the last week we've witnessed an explosion of community awareness for what we are trying to accomplish with the MetaZone platform. We never imagined we would receive such an amazing reception so quickly. However, this reaction is proof to us that the Decentraland community is eagerly looking for solutions to some of the critical problems DCL is facing in its efforts to becoming blockchains first successful metaverse. Those of you who share a common vision with us and are taking a leap of faith towards solving some of these problems together, we can't thank you enough.

MetaZone's mission

From the very beginning we were blown away by the concept of a decentralized metaverse and instantly were drawn towards involving ourselves in the development of it. Our goal is to bridge the valuable developer bandwidth land owners posses with the creative potential sitting on the sidelines ready to be deployed. This is why we created Metazone.io. We believe in order for Decentraland to become a sustainable ecosystem, incentive models need to be aligned for Land Owners and Creators to best collaborate their efforts to deploying unique and profitable METAs into the world.

We are using our current game releases as a proof of concept for developers to emulate when creating their own METAs. We want to show that through our platform two critical problems facing Decentraland can be solved. Creators are now able to deploy their creations to a broader pool of land hosts rather than spend the funds on access to the land themselves. In return, land hosts sitting on valuable assets have the ability to add additional value to their investment by deploying passive income potential on their property they otherwise may not have the technical capability to do on their own.

What we've accomplished in the first 7 days

After the launch on February 20, 2020, we witnessed a large amount of citizens flood our MetaZone tower. We anticipated to see hundreds of citizens in our tower until we realized everyone was isolated on different nodes. Nonetheless, we were able to achieve over 1,100 plays in the span of 7 days since launch. That's 11,000 Mana flowing into many of the games that landowners have purchased. This shows great potential in creating a sustainable business for many of our hosts, but this sort of traffic doesn't happen without all of us putting in the effort of encouraging players to find the different gaming locations and even offer additional NFT prizes.

As for MetaZone, the marketplace for all creations, we received over 50,000 MANA worth of purchases over the first 5 days of launch. This is another example of the number of landowners looking to find ways to monetize land in a sea of other land flippers. We published a podcast updating everyone on the progress of the first 5 days and in less than 12 hours from publish we received over 130,000 MANA in purchases! This is just another example of how there is still a number of people who are not aware that MetaZone can be a place to earn some passive income for landowners, creators, and players.

Ultimately, this isn't about MetaZone. This is about fostering a community of like-minded individuals who want to build a sustainable metaverse. This is an official call out to creators to contribute to monetize their creation how ever big or small. There is a lot of land without a lot of custom content. We've shown it can work and with your help, we can have Decentraland populated consistently to help all landowners generate passive income.

What is coming up next

Over the coming weeks we will be making daily incremental changes to the MetaZone platform as a whole. Continue to follow us in our Discord server to stay engaged and be updated regularly. Beyond that, we will focus our initiative towards minting the very first ownership tokens for our current game hosts and the remaining yet to come for our available Metas (Block Runner, Block Hole, Pac Runner, and Orb Jumper). We are working with KJWalker to create the tradable NFTs and so far are pleased with the artwork she has provided, we can't wait for you all to see them 😀

We recognize that our short term goals must shift in order for us to optimize the results of the overall ecosystem we are building. As more Hosts begin to on-board onto our platform, the reality sets in that there may not be enough players in Decentraland to go around. In recognition of this, another major part of our focus will be on creating new tools available for Hosts to use in order to create more unique incentive models specific for their LAND in order to attract and retain visitors. More details of this will be released in the coming weeks or months.


As the 1st calendar month comes to a close, we will begin the payment calculations for all creators and land owners. The 1st of March will be our target date for payouts, if any delay's occur we will inform on the Discord channels. As many of you are aware this is starting as a (dumb) process since we need to manually complete this task, as MetaZone evolves, smart contracts will significantly streamline the payout process allowing hosts, creators, and players alike to have real time access to their accrued funds.

Monthly Tournament

Make sure you're a part of our discord to stay up to date on monthly tournament updates. Should be a blast!

Again, thanks to the MetaZone community for giving us your passionate support. 2020 will be a great year for Decentraland so long as we continue to work together.




May 18, 2019