December 3, 2022

The Block Runner Blog

Sam Bankman Fried's New York Times Interview Concludes with Backlash

The FTX drama continues with SBF making a public interview appearance during a New York Times event yesterday. Despite his team of lawyers advising against making any public statements, Sam Bankman Fried went on to answer heated questions by mostly avoiding any personal involvement in the mishaps between Almeda Research and FTX handling of assets. Why is SBF going public? Is it to appear innocent or to display enough negligence as to not be hit with a more severe penalty?

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Is Crypto Ready for The Mainstream?

I just performed a sweep of my cryptocurrencies into a hardware wallet. Its an experience that the community should not be ready to share with a mainstream audience. Click to read through my experience and what things we can work on to get crypto more widely adopted.

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Bitcoin vs Gold

Do you sometimes fear for the financial stability of you and your family in situations of economic turmoil? Do flashbacks to the 2008 housing collapse keep you up at night leaving you clutching on to your 401k statements in hopes of making it to retirement before shit hits the fan? What happens when the dollar devalues and people lose faith in the value of what fiat currencies represent? In this article, I will break down the differences between what investors have traditionally done to prepare for times like these and what new opportunities exist to store wealth and value through digital assets.

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What is a Private Key?

Private keys can sometimes be confusing, in this blog post I'll break down everything you need to know in order to understand the value as well as ways to protect your cryptocurrency from getting compromised. You'll have an appreciation for the cryptography that allows us to send each other value across the globe, and eventually the galaxy.

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Bitcoin Cash 51% Attack

The initial reaction to the reorganization of the Bitcoin Cash blockchain was misunderstood as a 51% attack. Instead, the miners of the blockchain recovered funds that were compromised through a vulnerability in the code. The attacker waited for a scheduled update of the Bitcoin Cash network but it was thwarted by the benevolent miners of the network.

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Binance Moonpad

During the peak of the 2017 bull market, ICO's were the driver of the market mania. Today a new trend is emerging with IEO's, more specifically Binance Launchpad Tokens that seem to be repeating similar price euphoria. What is causing these tokens to have such successful launches? Is it tech or just hype?

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