March 31, 2023

The Block Runner Blog

The DeAi Revolution is Here: How Crypto Will Shape the Future of Artificial Intelligence

Decentralized Artificial Intelligence may be crypto's biggest opportunity sector. Elon Musk and others want to see a short-term pause on the development of artificial intelligence technologies in an attempt to allow regulators to catch up and safeguard against potential societal risks. This fear is growing that centralized A.I. can have devastating consequences which will support its web3 counterpart to compete.

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Is the Start of the Crypto AI Revolution Here?

AI is taking over the tech world and speculation is it will inevitably spill over into the web3 industry and become a main driver for a new wave of market euphoria. What will it take for this to happen and how is a company called leading the charge.

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South Korea’s Metaverse Project: A Giant Step Forward

A big development for the adoption of the metaverse has just been announced by Seoul, a city in South Korea. They have plans to develop their own virtual world project that grants citizens access to critical government services. How will this change the sentiment for the utility that the metaverse has to offer the world.

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Web3 Gaming - What is the Way Forward?

Web3 gaming showed a massive amount of promise in the last bull cycle, what are the ways to bring back positive sentiment for the space? Some say hiding blockchain components from the consumer is the way, others think that the web3 components should be highlighted since it is a new innovation.

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The Abstraction Layer of the Metaverse

The metaverse needs a new technology infrastructure layer to enable digital content to traverse across virtual realms and still maintain its programmed logic and function. How is MetaZone working to build this technology and how will this change the metaverse future?

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Could Twitter be the Next Big Crypto Play?

Elon may be removed as Twitter CEO due to his own poll asking the Twitter community if that is the best idea. Is Elon deciding the future of Twitter the same way a web3 DAO does, and does this indicate an inevitable Twitter token launch soon?!

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